Skincare Review: Hydropeptide Cleansing Gel

by Alyssa on May 25, 2012

I have to do it. I have to profess my love for Hydropeptide to you guys again. There aren’t enough positive adjectives to use to describe how incredibly every single product works.

I’ve been using their Cleansing Gel for the last month or so and I have not one bad thing to say about it. Everything about it – from the consistency to the smell – is amazing!

The Cleansing Gel is a one step, gentle, anti-aging gel cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses, tones and defies age.  This citrus-scented, cleansing powerhouse contains peptides to improve elasticity, sebacic acid to keep skin clear and hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration. It was originally sent to me because I had mentioned that my skin had been breaking out like CRAZY, and the ever wonderful Elise reached out and said that this would certainly help with my troubled skin. And that it did. When I received it I vowed to start a strict skin-care regiment. In the morning I use Proactiv (wash, tone, lotion) and in the evening I use Hydropeptide Cleansing Gel and Clairvoyant Beauty anti-aging serums, etc.. (that review is coming next week!).  Ever since I swore to wash my face EVERY night with Hydropeptide Cleansing Gel my skin has dramatically cleared up.

I have to admit, that I was never an avid wash-my-face-before-bed girl, but I’ve totally been converted. Like I’ve said before, “what speaks volumes for me is results”. If I hadn’t seen such great results I probably wouldn’t have continued to wash my face every night before I go to bed, but thanks to HP’s glorious concoction of peptides, sebacic and hyaluronic acid my routine is forever changed.

Why I love it and why you’re sure to love it, too:

  • Battles the appearance of wrinkles by improving elasticity and smoothness, preventing collagen loss and reinforcing the collagen network
  • Thoroughly removes makeup and eye makeup (even waterproof) without irritation, stripping skin hydration or breaking fragile lashes
  • Dissolves dirt and oil while normalizing overactive oil production
  • Fights breakout-causing bacteria to keep skin looking clear

You can get Hydropeptide’s Cleansing Gel here for $44. It is well worth the money. My skin guarantees it.

Another cool little tidbit about it: It’s the same cleanser used to prep skin for HydroPeptide facials at the Four Seasons and Spa Mandalay. You can pamper yourself to likes of the Four Seasons at home in your own bathroom!! So lower the lights, play some Yanni, light a few candles, slip into your most luxurious robe and you’re good to go! I love that!

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