Nails of the Day: Purple Ombre

by Alyssa on May 14, 2012

UGH! This was so frustrating for me! I have seen pins and other bloggers than have been able to do the sponge ombre mani perfectly! Even after watching a few tutorials I thought, “how hard can it be?!”. Well, it’s really hard. And very messy.

I first attempted a with a white base and a dark brown/grey ombre fading to almost a silvery color. This was the biggest fail ever, it just look like I had been digging in dirt and that my nails were filthy. So bad. Then the next day, I tried again with some more aesthetically appealing colors – purple and lavender. I started with a lavender base and used a dark purple then faded to the lavender. I used a make-up sponge that I soaked in water for a little while and wrung out completely. I heard that this would help the polish from soaking up too quickly. I used 3 different shades of purple: OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight, Zoya Tru and Zoya Lotus. I used Sinful Colors Beverly Hills as the base color. Here are my results….

1st attempt - no glitter

I still kind of hate it. It wasn’t smooth and you could see the sponge marks very easily. I even blotted quite a few times on a piece of paper to blend, and also on the actual nail. Clearly, my efforts were fruitless. Since it was so dotty looking I thought that maybe doing a topcoat of glitter would make it look a little more uniform.
 I was so wrong.
Because I’m not a quitter, I’m going to do this again and again until I get it right!!!!
Have you guys ever attempted the ombre sponge? Did you have the same issue as me?!
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Hayley May 14, 2012 at 7:47 pm

It looks pretty good with the glitter, actually! I’m sure the next one will turn out fabulously :)

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