Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

by Alyssa on February 4, 2012

So, I’m totally blaming JP for this post since she recently introduced me to Polyvore. If you’ve never been on the site, I’m going to warn you right now – your curiosity will quickly morph to an obsession. Given that I’ve spent the majority of this snow day creating looks for Valentine’s Day I figured I should probably share some of my favorite creations with you guys.

This year, M won’t tell me what we’re doing for V-day but no matter what we’re doing I know I want to look cute and flirty. For me, on V-day I feel like I must wear red. And if I’m not wearing red, there has to be some element of sexy in my outfit, and I usually opt for a splash of animal print, with leopard being my go-to. Keeping those two ideas in mind take a look at these looks:


Be My Valentine <3


So with this look I chose to go with both red and an animal print. I would totally wear this because it perfectly suits my personality, you have a taste of my wild side with the subtle snake skin on the shoes, but you still get to see my romantic side with the flowy red dress. I didn’t want to accessorize too much so I chose a simple gold pendant necklace and a stacked cuff ring to bring everything together. The daintiness of the rosebud purse was too cute to not include on this look.

Any one want to buy this outfit for me? hehe!

Wine & Dine Me


This look isn’t as romantic as the red dress, but I still love it just the same. A leopard blouse, black jeans and blue suede booties. Probably one of my most fav combos of all time. This is a look that I would totally wear if M were to treat me to a nice bottle of wine and home cooked meal in the comfort of our own flat. The accessories are simple and minimal, the blue cord of the bracelet picks up the blue from the shoes perfectly and the small gold stud earrings are just enough bling.
I have to stop myself here, because I could be creating looks all damn day. However, I should mention that a lot of the items are super expensive, like those $2,000 Christian Louboutins? I die for those, but it’s going to take a few more years of slaving for “the man” until I can afford them.
So which look is your favorite? Or if you don’t like either of them, what is your Valentine’s Day style? Feel free to share links to you looks on Polyvore in the comments. I’d love to see them! 
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