Beverly Hills Skincare Daily Age Revolution Review

by Kelly Lynn on November 3, 2010

Beverly Hills Skincare Daily Age Revolution is a daily sunscreen with SPF 15. It is oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and protects from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. It also boasts a “rich blend of organic Indian gooseberry, acai berry, and goji berry” and protects against free radical damage. It contains milk peptide complex which, according to the brand website, is “an innovative growth factor that helps stimulate collagen by 138% production for firmer skin and boosts the production of hyaluronic acid by 1600% to help plump and fill wrinkles.”

After test-driving Daily Age Revolution for a couple weeks, I think that if you used it on its own, it would be the perfect lightweight and light-duty sunscreen when you don’t want or need a lot of moisture, like in warm weather or if you have oily skin. But if you still need moisture don’t worry – I used it as part of a skin care routine that included a separate moisturizer and really liked it.

The directions say to use two pumps once daily and to massage into skin for 20-30 seconds. I was happy to see that two pumps really isn’t a lot of product, compared to most other sunscreens I’ve tried, which require quite a bit of product to get the full sun protection!

It is absorbed so easily that I was actually afraid I wasn’t going to be able to spread it all around my face before it sunk in, but after massaging for 20 seconds I could tell I had covered everything. I even smeared it on the sensitive skin under my eyes, which was a gamble – half of the sunscreens I do that with have me racing for the sink to soothe the burning! But Daily Age Revolution didn’t burn or sting my sensitive under eye skin at all.

If I wear this product and nothing else, my skin feels a bit “tacky” for an hour or so until it totally skins in. But somehow, when worn with moisturizer or under makeup, it immediately makes my skin feel extra smooth and soft. Although it is recommended that you use this product with the Advanced Youth Recovery moisturizer, I used it with my regular moisturizer.

I haven’t been using it long enough to see dramatic results, but the before-and-after pictures for the complete system that are on the Beverly Hills Skincare website are impressive!

Beverly Hills Skincare Daily Age Revolution is $104.95 and can be purchased from

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Nonso October 14, 2012 at 9:06 am

Where can I get your product in Nigeria?

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