Mai Couture Oil Blotting Papiers and More!

by Elvira on July 4, 2010

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Hi! Elvira here from The Pink Sith Blog.  I am honored to review for you today some Mai Couture products.  I was recently sent several products from this line and I have to say that they are unique and unusual.  Mai Couture’s philosophy is “Less is more when it comes to wearing makeup.”  While I might not agree with that 100% (I do love my intricate eyeshadow looks) I have to agree that when you are on the run or need a bit of touching up, nothing ruins your look more than a shiny/oily face and faded makeup.  Well, the geniuses at Mai Couture have managed to solve those problems with a few simple and portable products.

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The blotting papers come with a stylish faux leather case so you won’t crush the papers while they roll around in your bag. But even if you order the refill only (sans faux leather case) the gold sturdy paper cover is strong enough to resist most of the things in your purse that may molest these tissue thin papers.

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Rejuvenate Oil Blotting Papier
$24 Revitalize Vitamin C+E + Wallet or Lavendere-Fresh + Wallet
$16 Revitalize Vitamin C+E refill only or Lavendere-Fresh refill only

To begin with, Mai Couture has 2 oil blotting papers for you to choose from.  One has Lavender oil infused in the paper and the other has vitamins C & E infused in the paper.  Both effectively remove the oil from your face without taking your makeup with it.  The C & E Vitamin infused papers have no scent and are going to be a staple in my purse.    The tissue thin, 4” x 2.5” papers discreetly absorb excess oil without drying out your face.  They are a must to use before powdering your nose.  You certainly don’t want to apply powder to an oily nose. It will just look cakey.  These are some of the best oil blotting papers I have used. I have used many named and no name brands and a lot of them take my foundation & powder off with the oil.  I can happily say that these papers don’t so that to me!

The genius in the Mai Couture line is the color powder infused papers they offer.

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Blush Papier
$28 for Papier & Wallet
$20 for refill only

First off they have Blush Papiers.  They offer three different shades.  A sweet light pink called Prettyful, a warm peach/coral called Sunset and a cool pinky plum called Uptown.  I received the Blush Papiers in Sunset. And while I’m on the neutral to cool skin tone side of the spectrum I found these papers to be neutral enough for me to wear.  Now I will say that the blush papers deposit a little bit of color they are sheer and photographing a swatch photo was near impossible.  But trust me when I say that one sheet is enough for both cheeks to give a pop of color or a subtle touch up mid afternoon.  Best thing is, these blush papers also absorb excess oil while they deposit color to your cheeks.  Obviously you don’t want to use these on your nose but folded in half (one half for each cheek) these papers deposit color that can be pressed on or swiped on and no need for a brush!  Now it takes a little bit to get the hang of application but by my 3trd day of using the Blush Papiers I was an old pro.  (On days 1 and 2 I used my powder brush to even out the application)

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2 in 1 Oil Blotting Bronzing Papier
$33 for Papier & Wallet
$25 for refill only

I am very fair skinned.  We are talking white as a sheet.  I never ever use bronzer. It just looks silly on me.  However, when I received the Mai Couture 2 in 1 Oil Blotting Bronzing Papier I was excited to try it.  The color looks very light on the paper itself. And once applied, it imparted a shimmery glow that was not overly dark or “dirty” looking.  Like the Blush Papier, the bronzing paper takes a little bit of use to master, but once you do, you will see a pretty healthy tan/shimmer on your cheeks.  It also absorbs oil while you apply the bronzing powder, so all the better.  The drawback to this one products that it only seems to come in Light-Medium for the time being.  Anyone with darker skin tones may not find that the bronzer shows up on them at all.  It may just look like pure shimmer to you.  That’s not always a good thing.  Also, those that abhor shimmer like nature abhors a vacuum…well, you might want to skip the Bronzing Papiers as they are fairly shimmery. There were times when I was reaching for my powder brush to buff off the shimmer when I applied the product too heavily.

All in all, Mai Couture makes a very nice line of products.  Very luxurious product and a nice innovation with the added blush and bronzer to the oil absorbing papers.

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