Makeup Review: Earth’s Beauty Cosmetics

by Kirsten on June 30, 2010

Earth's Beauty Make-upWhen asked to review some products from the all natural cosmetic line, Earth’s Beauty, to say I was excited would be a bit of an understatement. Constantly dealing with sensitive skin issues, I am always on the lookout for new products that are made of completely organic ingredients, but yet still work really effectively. I find that more often than not, I am disappointed with the quality of the product when it comes from strictly organic sources.

This time was much different. Earth’s Beauty really impressed me, and I was lucky enough to be able to test out a few of their products, all of which I loved.

Here is a bit of info about Earth’s Beauty:

Achieve the look you want without the chemicals! Our Earth’s Beauty line is the purest of makeup you will find. All products are carefully made using pure ingredients from the earth! What makes our mineral powders different from others? The answer is simple.

The Earth’s Beauty line of pure loose powder makeup was developed for those who are sensitive or allergic to traditional cosmetics. Because we use minimal ingredients, the products are in the loose powder form. We use ingredients such as arrowroot and iron oxides. To achieve an SPF face powder we add such ingredients as kaolin clay, magnesium stearate, and zinc oxide. There is no titanium dioxide in our products which can be drying to the skin in a powder form. OUR PRODUCTS DO NOT CONTAIN NANO PARTICLES.

Because of the use of arrowroot, our powders are feathery lightweight on the face and do not irritate the skin. Due to the fine particles of arrowroot, the makeup gives the skin a refined and natural look….the look you want, the ingredients you trust!

Sounds great, right? Well, it is. Here are my favorite items that I tried:

Earth's Beauty1. Earth’s Beauty Lip Glaze Pen – This by far was my favorite item. I love lip gloss, as I rarely use lipstick, and am always on the hunt for the perfect taupey-pink. Something that isn’t too overpowering, looks natural, and applies easily. Their lip glaze is the best! It stays on for a lot longer than many others I have tried and is not overly sticky. (I hate that!).

It is a little bit thicker than many other lip glosses, but I actually like this better as I feel it helps keep it from rubbing off too quickly. I tried their Natural Taupe color, and I can guarantee that when this runs out, I will be buying a new one!

2. Loose Powder Blush – It was a bit tough to try their blushes I received because they came in sample sizes, which is roughly the size of my index finger around. Their blush comes as a loose powder, which makes it interesting trying to get the proper amount on my blush brush! Nevertheless, once I did, it was a great product. I was able to sample a few colors, but my favorite was their Satin Rose color, which just so happens to be one of their top sellers! It went on with the perfect amount of color, not too dark, and not too light. There is a very small amount of shimmer, which gives your cheekbones a great definition and attracts a bit of light to your face. A perfect way to give your face that beautiful sun-kissed glow!

3. Loose Powder Eye Shadow – Earth’s Beauty also offers their eyeshadow in sample sizes (available on the website of $1 each) and I received a variety to try. When applying the eyeshadow, they definitely come out in a matte texture, and a little bit on the dark side. I didn’t receive any lighter colors, but I understand that you can use their Pearl eyeshadow to create a bit of an iridescent sheen to your eyelids, which is something I tend to like in my eyeshadow. What is awesome about this product, is that you can wet your brush to create a much darker, longer lasting color for your eyes. I found that you can even apply it as an eyeliner this way! With 16 different colors to choose from, you are bound to be able to find a few colors you love.

4. Shea & Aloe Lipstick – Although I may not normally wear lipstick, I will make an exception for this one. They sent me a sample of their Rose Diamond and I ADORE the feeling of this lipstick. It is fairly light, and does not cake on or feel overly thick. It’s sheen carries a bit of a shimmer to it, which is something I like to have with most of my lip glosses. The color is a bit off for my skin tone, having a bit too much pink to it and not enough nude, but it’s really pretty. I mixed it with the lip glaze pen they sent and the color combination together was GORGEOUS!!

There were a few things that I think could be improved, but very minor issues. It was really tough to use the their samples as they come in very tiny packaging. When using something like a blush in that size, it makes it literally impossible to get a good amount on your brush, without creating a concentrated spot of powder in one small area. I would recommend finding a good dish or something similar to place the powder in, so that you can get the right amount needed. I also would like to see how the lighter shades of their eyeshadow, as I felt the colors I used went on a bit too dark. It was fixable, but I tend to use a much lighter shadow usually.

All in all, I am a huge fan of Earth’s Beauty. They have a lot more to offer than just the products I tried, and based on how much I liked them, I know their other products will be great. I would love to try their mascara, as I think that is a very tough product to make really well.

The natural, organic ingredients they use is a huge benefit to me, and something I see more and more companies moving to in the near future. For people with sensitive skin, or those who are interested in lessening their carbon footprint on the world, this is definitely a brand I suggest you try!

You can buy Earth’s Beauty and other similar natural cosmetics, from!

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